In an era of pictures, selfies and videos, Remini Mod APK is an app that assists in making and saving your day if you fail to get the best quality images or videos. With its outstanding features ranging from converting blurry images to clear ones, turning photos into sketches and to colour correction and recovering old photos, Remini Mod APK has become a savior for many. It helps you getting the desired results with a few clicks, in no time. To start enjoying the services of Remini Mod APK, click on the link attached below to download. Remini Mod APK can be downloaded from Google Play Store using smartphones. The app with its limited features is free for the users. However, in order to enjoy all the available and unlimited latest AI features, it is mandatory to subscribe to its Pro version with which the operators can also use it in the professional domain of photography to earn handsomely by just using one app.

Remini Mod APK Download Information

App NameRemini
DeveloperBending Spoon
TypePhotography, Photo Editing
File Size267MB
Newest VersionV3.7.508.202331495
Mod StructurePremium Unlocked, Unlimited Pro Cards, No Ads
Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 And up
Released Date21 july 2019
Last Update30 jan 2024
Playstore LinkGoogle Play







Done with downloading Remini Mod APK? Let’s move ahead!

Remini Mod APK is available on Google Play Store from where it can be easily downloaded and installed in a few quick steps. Once you are done with downloading the app, simply start using it as it doesn’t require any sign-in or login. Since the basic version with limited features is free of cost, which includes clearing the blurry images, restoring old photos and many more, it has ads which you need to watch for Remini’s services. In case to get access to all state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence features for enhancing the result and quality of your pictures or videos, you need to pay money to use them fully as it will enable you to use the Pro version of Remini Mod APK. Its user-friendly and easy interface does not require its users to be highly skilled to get the desired results.

Features of Remini Mod APK

Best Photos and Videos Editing App

Remini Mod offers multiple editing tools for refining the pictures and videos as desired. Its easy, quick-to-use and unique interface is user friendly and does not require any high level skill to use it. Just by opening the App, the user can easily see the available options and use them as per his requirement. Remini helps its users brighten and sharpen their photos to get the desired outcome. What’s more, it is a multiple enhancer which can be used to edit an unlimited number of photos and videos through its Pro version.

Blurred Old Photos

Brush Up/ Clear the Average/Blurred Old Photos

Yes! Now it’s possible with Remini Mod APK to refine, clear and brush up the old low pixelated pictures. Doesn’t matter how old the photos are, Remini is there for your rescue and clearing the low quality photos to its best with excellent results.

Bring Colours to Old Black and White Photos

Remini enables its users to colourize the years old photos to get the coloured version of black and white old images.

It helps in converting the monotonous black and white or less brightened photos in vibrant, full-of-life colours to get the colourized photos. Isn’t it amazing to see the impossible becoming possible?

Boost the Quality of Video

Boost the Quality of Video

Any blur video with some unwanted or unnecessary scene coverage can easily be edited, cropped and brightened and cleansed with the amazing features and tools available in Remini Mod APk app. The user just needs to import the video from the phone and let the Remini do its magic. The video form will be available in its amazing brightened and clear form in no time.

Save and Share Benefit

Save and Share Benefit

The edited, upgraded and refined content which you intend to save can be exported in phone from Remini. But, before saving, it’s must to ensure that the phone has enough storage capacity to store the exported data. In case of non-availability of storage in the phone, the edited content cannot be saved for offline use.

Face Animator

Face Animator

With its new and unique feature of animation, Remini offers its users to bring the still photos to life. To add motion to the still images, the users simply need to import the photo from phone’s gallery and select the option of animation on the phone.

Modify the Photos and Videos with Paint Option

Modify the Photos and Videos with Paint Option

With Remini’s paint options, users can work with paint effect to bring desired changes in their photos and videos. It allows the users to enjoy their simple photos and videos as colourful and bright pieces of art.

Images Cropping by Default

Images Cropping by Default

While importing the photo or video from the phone to edit on Remini, it automatically determines and analyzes the negative, unnecessary space and crops it for the best and desired outcome. It analysis the image or video to trim and reshape it for the brilliant result.

Background Modification

Background Modification

Remini gives its users the best service of modifying the background of the picture or video. It assists its users to remove the unwanted objects or people from the background to make the image look better than before. This is one of the best features that Remini offers.

Get the Result in Seconds

Get the Result in Seconds

The best part about Remini is that it does all the operations just in few seconds. Due being superfast, it has attracted many users in no time. From colouring the picture to get HD picture, it only needs a few seconds to show its magic which leaves you startled.

No Watermark

The best feature of Remini is that it does not leave any watermark behind the edited image. It gives full credit to the person who edits it. The result of edited image is clear of any sign of Remini on it.

Upgrade Selfies in Remini’s Portrait Mode

Upgrade Selfies in Remini’s Portrait Mode

For the selfie lovers, Remini offers its users to increase and enhance the quality of their selfies in its portrait mode. It helps the users to get the clear and best HD portraits with no mark or spot on their selfies. The upgraded, clear and HD portraits can be saved in phone gallery.

grain and noise removal

Grain and Noise Removal

With Remini, you can quickly remove any grains or noise from your images for a smooth look. All pixels are cleaned to such an extent that you get the smoothest and sharpest HD image imaginable! With this denoising feature, you can restore old film footage and give your photos a professional look.

video enlargement

Video Enlargement and Enhancement

With Remini, it is now very easy to enhance and enlarge your videos by up to 2X. Your blurry, low resolution videos can be efficiently enhanced as per your desire with AI-powered reconstruction and enhancement technology. Welcome to a world of vibrant and visually-enhanced videos!

Remini Offline

Remini can be used when connected with internet. It cannot be used offline. To avail its services, it is mandatory to connect to the stable internet connection.

Remini is 100% Safe to Use

Remini fully takes care of your privacy. Before using Remini, it asks for permission to photos and videos of the phone. However, it is 100% guaranteed that Remini keeps your data safe.

Remini is 100% Working

Remini works fully after taking subscription. However, a few features can be used free of cost without any subscription. All the services can be utilized if you’ve subscribed Remini Lite or Pro.

Remini can be Fully Unlocked

If the you’ve subscribed to any of the paid mode of Remini, you can take all the services of Remini without any hindrance. It is fully unlocked after the payment of Remini Lite or Pro.

Unlimited Credit on Remini

You can get unlimited credit/money after subscription of Remini. It gives you unlimited credit which can be used to enjoy all the paid services of Remini for better result of photos and videos.

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe Remini

To Subscribe

For the subscription, install the app in your phone from the link given above or directly from Play-store. Then follow all the steps mentioned on opening the app for the subscription of your choice for Remini Lite or Pro as per your requirement.

To Unsubscribe

Follow the steps given below to cancel the subscription:

  • Go to Remini Professional’s main page.
  • Log in the app using the same account you created to sign up for its service.
  • To access go to *My Account > Subscription, go to My Account > Subscription*
  • To unsubscribe, follow the given instructions and adjust membership status.

The two versions available for Remini have the following features:

Remini Lite

  • Face Beautifier
  • Background Enhance Colours
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited
  • Saves Multiple Results

Remini Pro

  • Face Beautifier
  • Background Enhance Colours
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited
  • Saves Multiple Results
  • Desktop Access
  • Video Enhance

Remini Pro Plus Points

Pro Cards

Pro cards let the users use all the advanced tools of Remini for photo editing and cropping. It allows for specific and selective editing of facial features as per requirement. Not only this, it also provides an extensive range of filters and effects for photo editing. This option of Remini costs $5 monthly.

Fully Unlocked

If you are a professional or want to get the best possible result for your photos, then Remini Mod APK Pro is for you. Since the free version of Remini is available only with a few options of editing with ads, it restricts the users to get the full benefits of this app. However, Remini Pro version allows the users to to get the maximum benefits from its advanced features for the brilliant result.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Avatars

There is a separate tab available for this feature of AI Avatar. You simply need to click on this tab. Import your photo from gallery and click on AI option to get the result. The AI algorithm starts its magic and generates the best result in no time.

No Ads to Watch

Since Pro is the paid version of Remini, it liberates the users from watching the ads.

Steps to Follow for Photos Editing

  • Install the application from the given link.
  • Import the photo from gallery.
  • After this, click on Enhance option.
  • You can also use other features of this application like face beautifier, colour correction and background modification
  • When done with all these steps, you can export your edited photo in your phone.
  • You can also directly share your edited photos from Remini to your social network.


It is very easy to download and install Remini Mod for APK on your PC or laptop, but you need to install an emulator which will help Remini work flawlessly on your PC.

With its AI-powered enhancement technology, Remini can restore all photos and old film footage by cleaning all pixels and removing graininess and digital noise.

With Remini, say goodbye to your blurry images. Its color correction and enhancement feature sharpens the image and produces a high-quality HD image.

Remini supports editing of unlimited photos and videos through its Pro version. You don’t need to look any further: Remini Pro offers a large number of high-tech features at a small cost.

Remini basic version is free of cost. It offers basic functions and features which produce high-quality images after editing.